About Us




Affliation No.


Affliation with the board since


Extension of affliation upto





Year of Establishment of school                       April 1990



Whether NOC from state /UT

 or recommendation of Embassy

of India obtained

i)                     NOC No.

ii)                   NOC issuing date                                         N.A

Is the school is recognised, if yes                              Yes (Govt. Institute)

 by which Authority


Name of the Trust/Society/Company                            N.A, It is a Govt. Organization

 Registered under Section 25 of

the Company Act,1956.

Period upto which Registration of

Trust/Society is valid.







Year of Establishment of school                       April 1990





Name of the Official

Mrs. Rajinder Kaur



Contact Number





Name of the Grievance Official

Mrs. Sunita Kapoor



Contact Number





ACADEMIC SESSION PERIOD         —           from 2013 to 2014

VACATION PERIOD                          —           from June to July ( Summer Vacation)

                                                                             from 25th Dec to 9th Jan (Winter Vacation)

ADMISSION PERIOD                         –          Pre Nur. – 10th & XII        –          April 

                                                                              XI      –        July


Swimming Pool


Indoor Games

YES (Chess, Ludo, Carrom, Judo)

Dance Room

YES ( 01 )


YES ( 01 )

Music Room

YES ( 01 )



Health & Medical Check Up




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